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A World Where Every Pregnancy Is Wanted — Family Planning

A World Where Every Pregnancy Is Wanted — Family Planning
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Published: January 2013


We’ve seen it on TV, cinemas and even in real life: Teens and young women crying over unwanted pregnancy. Although it’s sad that they end up regretting the consequences of their own actions; we can still help but feel for them. Their lives are about to change and they may not be ready for it.

This is just one of the many scenarios where unwanted pregnancy becomes a spoiler, which should not be happening. Every unborn is a blessing of life from God. But how do you convince yourself that this is true if your situation says otherwise? This is what UNFPA’s report released on the 14th of November last year is about: Delivering a world where every pregnancy is wanted.

State of Population 2012

This report details problems with pregnancies left to chance instead of choice. It explains why family planning, though accepted in several countries as a human right, is still not accessible to many. It also detailed the advantages of using family planning as a way to protect women, promote economic stability, etc.

The state of the world population this year is promising. Funds are expected to become available soon. And the budget allocated to further promote family planning is found to be a worthy investment, which is expected to pay for itself. The benefits of using family planning are endless.

Investing in Family Planning helps enable adolescents to finish their schooling and increase labour-force participation

This benefit of family planning is one that may raise eyebrows especially in conservative countries. This may come off as an encouragement to engage in premarital sex. However it is taken; the benefit simply states that premarital sex do happen and the least we can do if it can’t be fully prevented is to make sure that adolescents are aware that unintended pregnancy need not happen. If unwanted pregnancy is avoided as a result of their use of contraceptives; these kids can continue with their schooling. They won’t be trapped in a situation they aren’t prepared for.

Investing in Family Planning helps reduce poverty

Fewer unexpected pregnancies meant a better quality of living for adolescents who are able to finish schooling and earn a living for themselves. It can also mean that typically stay-at-home-moms can already pursue their professional goals with fewer kids to take care of, which can increase a family’s income. Furthermore; healthcare expenses related to pregnancy and giving birth are also avoided, which makes more funds available for use in other needs (or less worries if money for these healthcare costs are not even available in the first place).

Investing in Family Planning helps improve health

The use of family planning helps improve health in numerous ways. Studies show that abortion and infant deaths, some of the many deaths associated with unwanted pregnancies, can be avoided if couples make use of contraceptives. Government healthcare services can also better service its people if funds are properly allocated to non-negotiable healthcare needs. The latter though may appear to be a farfetched idea is possible if resources are put to good use. And using funds for family planning (that can eventually pay for itself anyway) is absolutely a sound investment.

Investing in Family Planning helps promote gender equality

Ensuring that no woman is denied of her right to family planning is guaranteeing that every woman is given the right to level the playing field with men in terms of usefulness in the family and community. Getting unwanted pregnancy out of the picture early on in her life will allow her to get education and pursue a rewarding career. Furthermore; supporting family planning from every aspect also involves men. Now, that’s a family planning promise many women will look forward to!

Despite these benefits of family planning to women and countries; the challenges in making it accessible to those who need it remain as a strong force keeping it from fully accomplishing the things it have been created for. Family planning, though with sincerest intentions to help improve how we live by preventing unwanted pregnancy, is still a work in progress. We can choose to wait for its wheels to move or prepare the path to guarantee it a smooth travel. Education and discipline is key and it starts with YOU.


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