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Food is Medicine

Food is Medicine
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Published: January 2013

This is probably not the first time you have heard of this. Several health advocates have tried and continue to try to change the way many view nutrition and healthcare. These people insist that proper healthcare is not just about making ‘healthcare’ available to Americans, but also about making ‘health care’ known to Americans.

What’s the difference?

The word healthcare is often used to refer to medical and insurance policies that provide care to the health of US citizens. Healthcare plays a vital role in guaranteeing that the government is able to allocate attention and resources to the well-being of the people of America. This is making healthcare available and accessible to anyone in the United States.

Making health care known, on the other hand, is about extending the knowledge of ‘proper’ health care to every American. And this is what this article is about.

Food is Medicine: Prevention is better than cure

We’ve heard it so many times, but we seldom listen to what it says. And even if we do; our efforts sometimes lack consistency and are incomplete.

Prevention, as it appears in this cliché, is not only about preventative measures such as regular physical checkups and exercise. It encompasses the food we eat and our eating habits. Food is medicine that can replace/complement the dietary supplements and vitamins you take in regularly to keep illnesses at bay.

This is almost self-explanatory. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Need we say more?

Food is Medicine: Cure need not always be from a pharmacy

Food is medicine.  A balanced diet doesn’t only prevent malnutrition and nutrient deficiencies leading to diseases, but can also cure both. In fact Dr. Terry Wahls, a doctor cured from Multiple Sclerosis, ditched expensive medication and replaced it with a healthy diet and supplements. She prevented herself from declining by making sure she gets the nutrients she needs to recover from her illness. At first, she solely relied on supplements until she realized that a change in her diet can also be done to speed up her recovery. The supplements slowed down the progress of MS, but she’s still in decline anyhow, and she can’t be contented with just keeping up with her illness— recovery is what she’s after. This led to better health care that made her fully recover from an illness that even advanced science can’t find cure yet.

The use of food as a preventative medicine or as cure to diseases need not be proven any further. Just look at popular weight loss diets and you’ll see how healthy eating is a big part of it. Healthy eating is cure to obesity, which becomes the root of many other diseases like hypertension and heart attack. Besides, processed food can be outrageously expensive, which hurts our pockets as it hurts our health even more. This article, and a lot others that can be found all over the Internet, is a wakeup call for us to make an effort to live by the real health care rules and not rely on healthcare coverage.


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