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Real Estate Procurement

Real Estate Procurement
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Real Estate investors, realtors, property sellers and buyers all have one thing in common. They have to endure the “process” of a real estate transaction. Financing, inspections and repairs are only a part the steps. In addition to the obvious steps of closing a transaction, real estate investor and realtor have additional administrative, research, marketing, and communication duties that make the process a bit more complex.

Qadar understands that realtors and investors must keep their pipeline of business filled while moving each scenario progressive to the closing table. We also understand that our services must make sense from a cost perspective and give the maximum value to our clients. Our Real Estate Procurement services cover administrative, marketing, research, customer service, communication, and professional branding so that our clients can stay in the field in the part of the process that closes business while we work behind the scenes to make it look easy.

Real Estate Services offered by Qadar Royal:

REAA Real Estate Administrative Assistant
REPS – Real Estate Procurement Services
REIS – Real Estate Investor Services

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  Present purchase offers to seller for consideration
  Communicate with: Escrow, companies, Home, Inspectors, Lenders Pest control operators
  Detailed interview with investors clients to understand their need – Document preparation – Coordinating closings
  Act as intermediary person in negotiations between seller and buyers
  Promote sale of properties through open houses, Ads & participation in MLS
  Compare properties in the area to determine its value and set market price.


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